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    Oz-Minipigs -

    Registered Breeders

    Since - 2007



Welcome to our Web Site Oz-Minipigs... the ultimate New Pet in Australia...!

We have been loving, training & breeding miniature pigs for over 12 years ...

Phone - 0490365182


We do have piglets For-Sale at the moment.... Piglets Photo's


  In America - they have the Potbelly Pig

  In New Zealand - they have the Kune Kune Pig

   and ...

  In Australia we breed - Oz-Minipigs

  It is up to the Breeder what they call their Miniature Pigs

  the different names do not determine their size....!

All over the World -

There are different breeds of animals being bred down

 in size using the knowledge of Genetics....

  Miniature means - Smaller than the Original

  In Australia there are -

   Miniature Cattle -Miniature Goats -Miniature Horses 

   Miniature Donkeys  & Miniature Pigs.

  They have all been bred down from the

original breed of animal










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